Cybit Intelligent Security Surveillance


Cybit offers an array of security surveillance solutions to its customers:

  • Proven technology with five years back research and development.
  • Cloud based round the clock remote live monitoring system
  • Continuous and incident-based video pop ups, notifications and alerts & reports.
  • Handling Alarm sensors alerts and its management.
  • Total security turnkey project management (design, implementation and monitoring) for Banks, NBFCs, Supermarkets, Malls, Jewelleries, Commercial establishments, Schools, Residential areas etc.
  • Live health check of connected devices and follow up.
  • Already achieved the milestone of 4000+ installations in Kerala.
  • Fail safe secondary back up on local storage and on cloud (Optional)
  • View Groups & Video Calls. Support for custom views.
  • Inherent multi monitor and video wall support.
  • One click incident workflow and reports
  • Customer reports in PDF, Excel, html formats
  • Inherent multi monitor and video wall support.
  • Functional Monitoring & Reporting.
  • Role based user access control.
  • Supports custom functional anomaly tags.
  • Single click anomaly monitoring and marking.
  • Effective management of security Alarm calls from sensor-based security systems.